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Neuropsychiatry is the Specialist medical field with overlapping territories between Psychiatry and Neurology. It is that branch of Medicine in which the workings of the brain and the mind are studied and, when they cause illness, are assessed and treated It incorporates disorders on the margins of psychiatry and neurology and deals with the relationship between a personís behaviour and brain activity. It has been described as the speciality that manages ..."that which can be demonstrated to owe its origins to brain malfunction of clearly identifiable nature..., or disorders that operate to disrupt brain function...and bringing the mind and the brain together..."

Neuropsychiatry is one of the oldest branches of Medicine, and the first Neuropsychiatrist is considered to be Hippocrates, who pointed out that it is from the brain and the brain only that arises all that we are.

Dr. Seth A. Mensah is a Neuropsychiatrist with Consultant responsibility for the Welsh Neuropsychiatry Service which is the only regional tertiary Neuropsychiatry service for Wales. He is trained and experienced in assessing the effects of both psychologically and physically traumatic events including brain damage upon an individualís mental state, cognitive, behavioural and personality.

He has worked at the specialist regional Welsh Neuropsychiatry Service for the past 10 years and is currently the only full-time Neuropsychiatrist for NHS Wales. He also works in close partnership with specialist regional neuroscience and neurorehabilitation services in the region.

Dr. Seth Mensah operates a private practice in the South Wales region and is able to offer swift outpatients appointments.


Dr. Seth Mensah
Dr. Seth Mensah

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