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This web portal is designed to assist those seeking access to established, specialist, community-based neurorehabilitation services for the brain-injured, in the independent sector across Wales. Each of the individuals and organisations represented here are each individually responsible for establishing professional neuro-rehab services, within our professions, in the private sector in Wales.

All practitioners on this site are independent of each other although we work to the same gold standard of therapy / case management excellence in the private sector.

All those on this site, with the exception of Dr. Mensah and Dr. Abankwa, work exclusively in the independent sector. We all have at least ten years of experience in our professional fields.

We all belong to, and benefit from, a range of professional organisations and networks and undertake (or provide to others) regular high-quality CPD and supervision.

All practitioners on this site practice within the Rehabilitation Code (2007) which promotes the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in any compensation process.

We are all actively involved in local Headway branches in various capacities including Executive positions.

All those on this site support the UKABIF Manifesto (July 2012) and are all involved in the establishment of a South Wales-based Brain Injury Forum, work for which is ongoing.

If you want any further information about Neuro Rehab Wales and our exciting plans, then please contact:

Dr. Tracey Ryan-Morgan
TALIS Consulting Limited
Talis Chambers
Little Water Street
Carmarthen, SA31 1ER

Telephone: 01267 233566
Neuro Rehab Wales
will provide a one stop information resource for accessing independent neuro rehab services in Wales. We will actively provide and promote excellent practice in neuro rehab in Wales.

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